Anna Hsu is a student at the University of Southern California. She studied classical piano for 14 years, with the last eight years under Robert Bond Kelley. As a pianist, Anna has won the WMTA Raissa Tselentis Award of Excellence and received honors for the NVMTA Sonata Festival. As a composer, she has placed second at the NVMTA Composition Competition and third at the WMTA Young Composers Competition.

Regardless of her performance medium, Anna has shared music in her community with seniors across the DC Metro Area through the Tacy Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to sharing the healing power of music. You can also find Anna's performances on her YouTube channel and Instagram.

In her (rare) spare time, you can find Anna writing websites, running in her neighborhood, and building mechanical keyboards. To find out more about Anna, visit her main website or reach out via email.